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Briefly, about us


Home to some truly legendary partying and a staff team renowned for occasionally outperforming the customers.

Conveniently located right on Roppongi crossing on the 2nd floor next door to Wendy's. Great times and great drinks await all. Geronimo's is decorated with an intriguing collection of Native American artifacts which adorn the walls and ceiling and provide a true taste of the American West.

Among the artifacts is a special drum which hangs above the bar for the brave and generous souls to beat should they wish to buy the bar a round of shots.

Geronimo also features a large and varied music selection that is sure to keep everyone's boots tapping. Wash away that Tokyo traildust with your favorite libation from the main bar located in the back or enjoy a few while looking out over the crossing from our front bar. Either way the good-natured professional hosts that make up our staff are sure to keep you smiling during your visit to Geronimo. A shot of life. A place to go to pick up your heels. drink up and forget.



Mon-Fri 6pm - 5am

Sat-Sun 7pm - 5am

For the hierarchy


The Leaderboard

Having a good day? Got something you want to celebrate? Why not come bang the drum and buy the whole bar a shot!!? If you make it to the number one spot on the leaderboard at the end of the month you will receive a plaque with your name to be forever enshrined on the ceiling in commemoration of your heroics.


Chief of the Month 2020

rank name Total
# 1 Draper 33
# 2 SUNIL 33
# 3 Shige 27
# 4 John Be Good 26
# 5 BOSS HOGG 14
# 6 Leon 6
# 7 Jonathan 6
# 8 Bos 6

All-time Big Chief Ranking

rank name Total
# 1 CLAY 3841
# 2 Chris and Carlos 2592
# 3 Shige 1116
# 4 Mr. David 935
# 5 KAZ 902
# 6 Tim & Don 883
# 7 ginga 824
# 8 David G 815
# 9 SUNIL 765
# 10 BOSS HOGG 672
# #


Weekdays: 6pm-9pm
Weekends: 7pm-9pm